Our Volunteers

The Tibetan Jewish Youth Exchange is made up of many volunteers. Here are just a few of them.


Tim Motz

Tim first became aware of the Tibetan situation after hearing the testimony of a Tibetan refugee at an RSY-Netzer summer camp. In 2006 he spent three months teaching English at the Sakya Institute for Buddhist Studies, India, before spending two months in Ladakh, a Tibetan Buddhist region of Jammu and Kashmir state.

During his university years Tim led an expedition to Northeast India sponsored by Oxford University and the Royal Geographical Society. The expedition recorded traditional music in Tawang, a Tibetan Buddhist are of Arunachal Pradesh state, to be stored in various museums and archives internationally.

A passion for the importance of cultural preservation led Tim to become involved in TJYE, of which he is an incoming trustee. He is interested in setting up more Jewish-Tibetan exchanges in this country, to allow even closer relationship to grow between out communities.

Tim recently completed an undergraduate degree in German and Hebrew and is currently reading for a Masters of Piano performance at the Royal College of Music, London.


Marc Bergen

Marc became actively involved in the Tibetan Jewish Youth Exchange (TJYE) (www.tjye.org.uk) after travelling through Tibet in his last 'summer of freedom' before starting work in 2006. He has acted as trustee of TJYE since December 2008.

TJYE is a small UK charity that facilitates cultural exchange between the Jewish and Tibetan diasporic communities, largely focused on youth movements aiming to preserve identity in exile. Tibetan and Jewish participants of TJYE have worked together to develop a Tibetan informal education structure in India which encourages Tibetan youth to engage with their identity, inspire and be role models for younger youth, and channel their energies within the Tibetan community. TJYE also works to educate about and
raise awareness of the Tibetan situation within the UK Jewish community.

Marc's vision is for TJYE to become an active example of grassroots-leadership and he would love to expand its work to other communities across the world. TJYE should become a prominent and visible example of the Jewish community doing tikkun olam and reaching out to help other communities.

Communally Marc is also actively involved in Hampstead Synagogue and Faith in Leadership, and he co-chairs the Young Norwood Lawyers' committee.

In his spare time Marc is an associate at Reed Smith LLP, practicing charity and pensions law.