Get Involved!

The trustees have decided to create an exciting, new leadership to organise and run TJYE's day-to-day activities and events and set TJYE's direction for the next five to ten years, using the trustees for support, advice and as a useful sounding board. Activities could include any of the following:

But ultimately it would be for the new TJYE leadership to decide what direction to take TJYE and what activities to do.

We are seeking enthusiastic and interested people for the following roles on the new TJYE leadership:

If you are interested in taking on any of these exciting roles (or would simply like to be a part of the new TJYE leadership without an official 'title') please get in touch. All you would need to give are your ideas, your energy and some commitment to making things happen.

We look forward to hearing from you.
Marc Bergen & Anna Freedman
Trustees, Tibetan Jewish Youth Exchange
07709 348255, 07957 313187