Help support Tibetan youth

By donating to the Tibetan Jewish Youth Exchange you'll be helping us support Tibetan youths who are in exile from their homeland. This could be through funding a summer or winter camp, or providing leadership training to a Tibetan youth leader, helping them to develop the necessary skills for running the Longsho youth movement which does so much to maintain the culture, identity and spirits of Tibetan children.

Please note: if you wish to pay in advance for one of our events, you can also use the donate button. As long as you pay the correct amount for the event and do so using your own name, we'll know that you've paid on the night. If you wish you may also click the button on the PayPal site which says 'Add special instructions to the seller' before you confirm the transaction, and specify your name and the event for which you're paying.

If you would like to make a donation to TJYE please contact

HMRC charity No. XT9262