What's the deal with Tibet?


The Importance of Youth in Exile and Diaspora Communities
A paper written by Jade Sank, as part of her undergraduate course at Brandeis University in Boston, entitled 'The Tibetan Jewish Youth Exchange - The Importance of Youth in Exile and Diaspora Communities'. The paper discusses how the identity of a people in diaspora is maintained.


Tibetan Prayer Flags


The exiles who fly each other’s flags
Young Tibetans in Dharamsala are taking a leaf out of the Jewish youth movement book in a seemingly unlikely cultural exchange. (11 August 2007)


Longsho Sign


The history of TJYE and Longsho
The Tibetan Jewish Youth Exchange was formed in the year 2000 in order to strengthen the identities of both Tibetan and Jewish youths.


Dalai Lama


What about Tibet?
Kalela Lancaster ponders the question which moved her to found TJYE in 2000 and which is still relevant today.


Dalai Lama Letter


A letter from the Dalai Lama
The 14th Dalai Lama's letter on his support for TJYE.


Israeli and Tibetan Flag


A story we know only too well
Keren Tuch wonders if Jews can often be absorbed by Jewish struggles and history at the expense of others, and ask whether, as we delve into other people's persecution stories, do we not have a duty to be engaged to their cause as well?